Qigong leads to optimal health and vitality

The flow of energy (Qi) in the body follows certain pathways called Meridians along which lie specific points. When Qi flow is impeded or blocked in a Meridian pain and, later, illness may develop. This can be likened to placing a rock in a small creek. The water will flow around (scatter), slow down (weaken) and may finally stagnate (become blocked). The water becomes less clear and will gradually be polluted and unhealthy, even lethal.

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Whole Body Listening

Relax your body. Become aware of the softness of your breath.
As you listen to a sound sense it as a vibration coming towards you.
Sense or imagine the sound passing through you, through every single cell.
Sense that every part of you is experiencing sound with incredible aliveness.

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Eye Awareness

Take a moment to play.

Notice how your eyes feel.

… check out how your eyebrows feel,

… your forehead,

… the inner corner of the eyes,

… the outer corners of the eyes,

… your cheeks.

Smile …..  notice any change in and around your eyes.

Pretend you are angry ….. notice a change in and around your eyes.

Think of someone or something you love ….. notice any change in and around your eyes.

Recall something that worries you ….. notice any change in and around your eyes.

Qigong can be translated as the Practice of Living in Awareness.

As you move throughout this day become more aware of your eyes, how they feel and how you use them.

You may choose to change how you use your eyes sometimes! – or not!

You may choose to nourish your eyes more often (see Blog below if you need more information)


Feedback :-)


Hi Marg.

Just some feedback for you.

The tip you gave me about the lower part of your belly being relaxed and in sync with my breathing in stressful moments has been so helpful.

It really demands presence in the moment and then everything becomes calm


I’ve told all my friends about it too.

Thank you . xx