OpenSky Qigong now has DVDs to support both the Level 1 and the Level 2 Programs.

They feature and have been produced by Simon Boylan.

Deep Gratitude to Simon and to everyone who has Gifted their talents and time to the ongoing evolution of OpenSky Qigong.


The DVDs are beautiful, powerful and sacred.

They provide extraordinary opportunity for learning and growth through deepening into the Practice of Energy Awareness (Qigong).

Whether new to the OpenSky Qigong Program or having enjoyed the Experience for many years, everyone will Benefit immensely from Practising with these DVDs.

Instruction and Practice

There are 6 OpenSky Qigong Movements on each of the DVDs.

Guided Instruction is provided for each Movement and also the opportunity to Experience each Practice the whole way through with Simon.

Level 1 DVD includes the following OpenSky Qigong Practices:
Calm Heart Qigong, Open Heart Qigong, Open Liver Qigong, OpenSky Dan Tien Form, Level 1 Slapping Form, and Level 1 Qi Face Wash.

Level 2 DVD includes the following OpenSky Qigong Practices:
Open Spleen Qigong, Open Lung Qigong, Open Kidney Qigong, Level 2 Slapping Form, Level 2 Qi Face Wash, Sitting Meditation Finishing Sequence

For more information about the OpenSky Qigong Program and the benefits of the various Practices click on the following:
Level 1 Program and Practices
Level 2 Program and Practices

For more information about OpenSky Qigong Classes click on the following
Level 1 Class Times and Locations
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Order Online

Cost are: AUS $90 per DVD + AUS $10 postage and handling.

Postage and handling charge is $10 for any number of DVDs, regardless of the location (within Australia or oversees).

Level 1 DVD

Level 1 DVD – $90

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Level 2 DVD

Level 2 DVD – $90

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Postage Fee

Shipping Fee – $10

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Online purchase using Paypal.

Please add DVD’s to cart and add “Shipping Fee” to cart just once, before proceeding to checkout.

You will be re-directed to PayPal website to make a payment and complete the order.


DVDs may be purchased or ordered and collected at any OpenSky Qigong Class, Workshop or Retreat for AUS $80 and with no postage and handling fee.

If, however, for any reason you order at a Class or Workshop but wish to have the DVD posted the AUS $10 postage and handling charge will apply.

Purchases at Classes and Workshops may be in cash or by payment online prior to receipt of DVD.


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