Open Sky Qigong

At Open Sky Qigong Classes you are guided through a series of gentle Movements and Meditations to cleanse, nourish and revitalize physically and energetically.

You will be mentored and supported to use these Practices to increase your awareness of Energy flows enabling you to experience wellness, vitality, peace and happiness in everyday life.

You will be encouraged to integrate Practices such as Walking Qigong, Standing Qigong, Sleeping Qigong, Sitting Qigong and Whole Body Listening and Expression into everyday life.

Other Level 1 Practices such as Open Heart, Open Liver, the Level 1 Form, the Lotus and the Inner Smile Meditations need to be Practised regularly.

Ongoing weekly Classes offer the opportunity to Practice in a small group guided by an experienced Qigong Practitioner.

Participants are encouraged to Share their Experiences of Qi flow, benefits of or resistances to Practice and ask any questions.


– Open Sky Qigong has Classes across Melbourne, in the Yarra Valley, on the Mornington Peninsula and country Victoria.
– Days, times, length of Class and costs vary across the different locations.
– Classes vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the location.
– Costs vary accordingly to a maximum of $20 per Class. Concession prices are available at most locations.

For days, times and locations and for contact details of the Class Facilitators click on Level 1 – Class Schedule in the Quick Menu on the right of this page.