Qigong is a Chinese Program of physical training, philosophy, Spiritual Development and preventative health care.

  • Qi is our Vital Life Force.
  • Qi is the Energy that awakens us to this very moment.
  • The syllable ‘gong’ refers to power, knowledge, self discipline or mastery.

So, Qigong refers to Awareness of Qi and Practice or Mastery of Qi. Thus Qigong Training leads us to Awareness and Mastery of our Life Force.

Qigong in fact is a way of living. Through the daily practice of Qigong one becomes more aware of self, relationships and surroundings and then one makes conscious choices which lead to full, vibrant health and enjoyment of life.

Over 5000 years ago the ancient sages researched and developed many practices to attain happiness and immortality. They turned their attention inwards to uncover the mysteries surrounding their internal Qi or life force. They discovered an entire universe within that perfectly mirrored the external universe.

These sages discovered that Qi moves in certain pathways and certain directions in the body and when there is a blockage in this flow, pain, disease and ultimately death result.

It was observed that the animals that surrounded the sages each had a daily ritual of movement, sound and breath. They obeserved that these animals enjoyed flexibility, spontaneity, youth and vigor. Therefore the sages developed exercises that mimicked the movements of animals.

These techniques, were named, for example, ‘Dao Yin’, meaning ‘to induce and guide Qi energy’. This is a method of inducing Qi energy into the body and directing it to the various organs via the Meridian systems.

Dao Yin is only one small aspect of Qigong. Qigong has now been practised for many thousands of years and so hundreds, if not thousands of different Schools and Styles of Qigong have developed.

Some focus solely on spiritual development, some on martial arts and others focus on health on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). This latter style is the focus of the Open Sky (Medical) Qigong Program.

Medical or therapeutic Qigong is studied under the guidance of a person Trained and Experienced in Medical Qigong .

Those following the OpenSky Qigong Program learn breathing exercises, relaxation, gentle physical exercises and how to meditate. This allows Practitioners to develop and refine their Inner Energy System so their Energy is of great benefit to the world and all Life.

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