Those who attended the Level 1 Workshop last weekend were delighted to bathe in a deliciously powerful yet peaceful, calming and Supportive group Energy.

Various Practices were Facilitated by Marg (Open Sky Program Facilitator)and Class Facilitators Genevieve, Pete, Helen, Sheilah and Naomi. Most people have favourites, such as the Open Liver (great for releasing anger), Qigong Walking (relaxing and revitalising) and the Dan Tien Form (opening, strengthening and balancing the 3 main Energy Centres).

Still, the overall favourite Practise seems to be Sleeping Qigong!! (feature image). Sleeping Qigong is not exactly as it sounds. We do lie down and close the eyes, but in fact we remain internally alert, focussing Awareness on the lower belly (the Lower Energy Centre). With regular Practice, in a few short minutes we are able to strongly relax and recharge at any time of the day.

Some participants had completed the hours for Level 1 and were having their first Experience as an Assistant. Others had been attending Classes and had come to enjoy a whole weekend of Qigong and to meet like minded people. There were also some having their first Experience of Qigong.

Whatever the Level of Qigong Experience though, we all agree that nothing beats spending a day or two Deeply Nourishing body, mind and spirit!