We introduced the new Open Sky Qigong Program at the Level 2 Workshop in December last year.

This was the first time we had included the Practices for the Lungs, Kidneys and Spleen at Level 2.

Here’s what some of the participants felt about the new Open Sky Qigong Program:

People who had also attended the ‘old’ Level 2

• Qigong is a brilliant new way to look and be aware of yourself, others, the environment and the world. YEA!! I love it. Qigong Open Sky has made a lot of   what I have learnt in the past MAKE SENSE!

I feel that I have opened up and I’m now moving forward.

• It’s been truly delicious to step and sink back into this deep work and practices with some I know so well and some I am just discovering. It has stretched me and made me uncomfortable at times and I like that.

I only did day 1 previously but I love the tangible acupressure and meridian additions.

• As always interesting and self empowering.

Level 2 workshop changes are a very positive improvement both with level of information and change in practices. Much more interesting and stimulating.

• It was challenging but rewarding. I feel more grounded, settled and accepting at the end of it. I especially want to thank the class facilitators who were present and who did a lot of work and were so generous with me personally as well.
I really like the new level 2 – lungs, spleen, kidneys – very important to me so it feels more empowering. The sleep extensions fabulous too.

• A very joyous and grounding workshop. It was a confirmation and review of my theory and provided practical tools for daily life.

• Fantastic – I love the ‘5 elements’, the theory and the new Level 2. (and the sleeps)

• Enjoyed the welcoming, positive energy and connecting with both known and unknown participants. Enjoyed the new stuff. Seemed a bit easier (ie Level 2 form was full on the first time )

• Stillness, open heart, letting go and listening.
I love the change, watching my mind , ego relax, letting go, honoring the space of quietness.

• It feels much more understandable – the ‘old’ level 2 felt like a group of practices drawn together, but the new one with the theme for each day has a lot more clarity and will be easier to take home and use.

People attending Level 2 for the first time

• In only 3 days I have detached myself from challenging relationships.

I have encountered that when I do not do qigong, things fall apart. However, when I commit to a daily practice or attend a workshop life is so simple, lovable and peaceful.

• Enjoyed weekend. Well organised.

• Felt more solidarity with like minded people. Enjoyed chatting/discussing others’ experiences. Felt supported at all times.

• I feel more peace and calmness and more understanding and will continue to include qigong in my daily life and daily practices.

• Great improvement in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

• I am so grateful for experiencing further healing after my surgery and look forward to more changes and experiences and growth in awareness.

• I love the art of not having anything in my head to think about. I feel stronger in my whole body. Thank you for a great weekend.