OpenSky Qigong has a Resource Pack so you can learn Qigong from home.

This may suit parents/carers, anyone with health/physical challenges, someone who is shy, busy, experiencing anxiety, depression or any other reason for which it may be easier or more possible to Practice at home.

The Level 1 Resource Pack provides a comprehensive Qigong Program suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of Meditation experience.

Cost $99 (Save $56 by buying the kit instead of each item separately ???? )

Resource Pack includes:

Video Set of all the OpenSky Qigong Level 1 moving Practices taught and demonstrated by Simon Boylan

4 Meditation MP3s covering all the Level 1 Meditations guided by Marg Wyatt.

Training Manual: Living in Awareness with all the Qigong movements and Meditations described in detail. Ways of improving each Technique are listed and also the ongoing benefits gained from regular Practice of each.

Online Mentoring and Support from experienced Qigong Practitioners is available.

  • first 15 minutes free with purchase of Level 1 Pack then
  • $20 for 15 minutes
  • $50 for half an hour

Levels 2 and 3 can also be learnt at home.

Participants may continue with Level 1 for as long as they wish or proceed through other Levels of the Program at their own pace.


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