Notice how the eyes are feeling.

Notice how the eyes are seeing.

Sit comfortably in a chair with the feet flat on the floor and the back straight.

Or stand with the knees slightly bent, the legs relaxed and the back straight.

Rub the hands together until they are hot.

Place the hands over closed eyes.

Sense the warmth (Energy) flowing into the eyes.

Continue for about a minute.


Gently open your eyes and look around.

You may notice that your eyes feel more relaxed, softer or more focussed.

You may also notice that you feel more relaxed, calmer or more focussed.


This is a great Practice to do 3 times a day, especially during Spring or if you have been reading, studying, using a computer etc for more than 20 minutes.

For more information about the Connection between Spring and the eyes, read the Blog titled Spring and the Wood element (see below).