Marg Wyatt and Andy Ramsay co-founded Open Sky Qigong in 2008.


Marg Wyatt

Marg received personal Training as a Medical Qigong therapist and Teacher from Master Tang Li (Yangming Qigong) for 4 years from 1996.
Master Tang Li received her Training from Shaolin Monk Master Haiden (or Hai-tank)

Andy Ramsay

Andy has completed the following Qigong Training:

• Medical Qigong Level 1 and 2 with Professor Wang (Melbourne)
• Medical Qigong Level 1-4 with Dr Bisong Guo (Melbourne)
• Fragrant Qigong with John Dolic (Sydney)
• Qigong Levels 1-3 with Jeff Primack (USA).

Andy also studied Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine and did a 3 year Apprenticeship with a Master Japanese Acupuncturist Katsuhiko Okuma.

Other Lineages

Most of the Open Sky Qigong Facilitators have also Trained with other Qigong Teachers as well as in Yoga, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Tuina etc Schools and Programs.

There is a Sacred Ceremony at each Open Sky Qigong Level 3 Retreat Honoring, Welcoming and Integrating all the Lineages, Ancestors, Cultural Heritage and Higher Guides of each Participant.

All Open Sky Qigong participants are encouraged to feel Gratitude for their Lineage and to Share the Gifts and Talents they have Received.
Thus Open Sky Qigong continually evolves incorporating Practices from many Sources.

What’s New?


The new series of downloadable instructional videos for both Level 1 and Level 2 programs. Check it out!

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