Lotus 2 Meditation and Pillar of Love and Light Meditation


The Level 2 Lotus Meditation adds Awareness of the Microcosmic Orbit and the Taiji Pole.
The Pillar of Love and Light Meditation is a core Practice of OpenSky Qigong in which we are Guided to consciously live in Awareness as Love and Light.

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The Small Circle Sky (Microcosmic Orbit) and the Central Pillar of Love and Light (Taiji Pole) are added to the Level 1 Lotus Meditation. These additions strengthen Connection with the Energies of Mother Earth, the Universe and the natural cycles of Life (Way of the Tao).

The pillar of Love and Light Meditation powerfully uses our Central Core of Love and Light to set the Intention for Healing and Transformation of self and thus mankind and the planet.

These Meditations are best experienced after regular Practice of the Level 1 Lotus and all the Grounding Practices of Level 1 OpenSky Qigong. It is important to stay Grounded and Present when doing these Meditations.

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Meditations Guided by Marg Wyatt Program Facilitator OpenSky Qigong
Produced by Simon Boylan
Graphic Design by Czech Design