Lotus Meditation and Cleansing Meditation MP3 Audio


The Lotus Meditation guides us to open, balance, strengthen and develop our 3 main Energy Centres.
The Cleansing Meditation guides us to consciously cleanse our Energy bodies including the Aura.

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In the Lotus Meditation we use visualisation to consciously balance and strengthen the flow of Qi into and out of the 3 main Energy Centres (Dan Tiens).
We are used to regularly cleansing our physical bodies. In the Silver Shower Meditation we use visualisation to consciously cleanse our Energy bodies.
With regular use of these 2 Meditations we experience a greater sense of vitality, balance, expansion and flexibility in our daily lives. We feel more Grounded, emotionally balanced and Connected to Source.

Both Meditations are suitable for all ages and all levels of Meditation experience.

This compilation is a digital audio file (MP3 format).
Suitable for listening on your iPod, iPhone or any device that plays MP3 audio.

Meditations Guided by Marg Wyatt Program Facilitator OpenSky Qigong
Produced by Simon Boylan
Graphic Design by Czech Design