Open Kidney Qigong -Level 2 Video


Open Kidney Qigong strengthens Kidney and Bladder function boosting energy levels, improving sexual function, nourishing teeth, bones and hair, regulating body temperature, fluid metabolism and hormone levels and supporting the ears and hearing. Wow!

This Practice also releases stored fears, trauma and anxiety supporting the body and mind to function at their best.


This is one from a series of 6 videos covering the Moving Qigong Practices of Level 2 OpenSky Qigong.

Simon Boylan provides detailed instruction of each section of each Qigong movement.
The videos are beautiful, powerful and sacred. They provide extraordinary opportunity for learning and growth through deepening into the Practice of Energy Awareness (Qigong).

Whether new to the OpenSky Qigong Program or having enjoyed the Experience for many years, everyone will Benefit immensely from Practising these techniques.

All 6 Practices are suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness. They are gentle and can be readily adapted (if needed) to suit anyone unable to walk, twist and/or bend.

It is highly recommended that the Level 1 Techniques have been Practised regularly for at least 3 months before commencing Level 2.

The Practices can be purchased separately for AU$20 each – or the set of 6 for $60.
The set of 6 is also available on a DVD – cost $60 (postage free within Australia)