Qigong Level 1 e-Manual


Includes description and photos of all Qigong Practices covered in Level 1 OpenSky Qigong.
Also covers the Level 1 TCM theory and provides the encouragement and inspiration offered in Open Sky Qigong Workshops and Classes.

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All the Qigong movements and Meditations are described in detail. Ways of improving each Technique are listed and also the ongoing benefits gained from regular Practice of each.

Motivational messages and light-hearted inspirations are included throughout making this a delightful ‘dip’ book as well as an extensive Training Manual.

This Manual together with the Practice videos and Meditation MP3s provides a comprehensive Qigong Program suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of Meditation experience whether learning individually or in groups.

Also available in printed form.

Living in Awareness
Written by Marg Wyatt Program Facilitator OpenSky Qigong