Walking Qigong – Level 2 Additions MP3 Audio


Track 1 Counting, track 2 Cultivating and Track 3 Body Breathing are 3 techniques to powerfully increase enjoyment and benefits of Walking Qigong.

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Once we have relaxed into the regular Practice of (Level 1) Walking Meditation we can add a variety of focused techniques.
These include an energy cultivation method, body breathing and counting.
The ongoing Practice of these techniques will increase vitality, peace and feelings of confidence and expansiveness.

These Meditations are best experienced after regular Practice of the Level 1 OpenSky Walking Qigong.

This compilation is a digital audio file (MP3 format).
Suitable for listening on your iPod, iPhone or any device that plays MP3 audio.

For best results it is highly recommended to have regularly Practised the Level 1 Meditations prior to experiencing the Level 2 Meditations.

Meditations Guided by Marg Wyatt Program Facilitator OpenSky Qigong
Produced by Simon Boylan
Graphic Design by Czech Design