An Open Sky Qigong email exchange

Mary: I continue to do a Qigong Class each week with Liz & enjoy that, though alas daily practice still eludes me! Self discipline & time management required!!

Marg: Glad to hear that you enjoy your weekly Class. Also, you may well Notice on Reflection that your Qigong Practices are integrating into your daily life and that in fact you are Practising Awareness (ie Qigong) much more than you realise!

Mary: Thanks for that feedback Marg…..I think that is definitely so.
Have just had a quiet wander around the garden, absorbing the warm sunshine, and enjoying the wind. Lovely natural chi!

Open Sky Qigong offers ongoing Mentoring and Support.
With Practice the Techniques taught in Level 1 gradually integrate into daily life and we live more Consciously.

Gratitude to Mary for her Sharing, to all the Facilitators for their weekly Classes and to Deb for the beautiful photo taken during a Qigong Walk at her Level 2 Open Sky Qigong Workshop last weekend.