Thursday September 11th is R U OK? Day.

It is a great reminder to ask family and friends this important question ‘R U OK?’ – and to hear their reply.

Make the time to be present with them, to listen attentively and without judgement.

If they are feeling good – enjoy!

If not help them to work out what they might do to change how they are feeling – and follow through by asking again in a day or so.

R U OK? Day is also a great opportunity to Share your beautiful Smile with everyone!
A smile creates Connection, cheers people and opens them up to genuinely communicating how they are.

If the person you speak with is not ok, the R U OK Foundation website has simple and practical suggestions for you to follow.

There are also many Qigong Practices such as Grounding, the Open Heart, Walking Qigong and the Inner Smile which will Assist both you and the person who is not ok to feel happier and lighter.