Qigong is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM Spring is connected with the Wood Element, which is all about growth, change, release and expansion.

Lately we have been noticing that ‘Spring is in the air’ – flowers are blooming, shoots sprouting, the wind is stirring – there is more movement and vitality after the quieter, restful season of winter.

Our inner environment mirrors our outer environment. Get in touch with your inner stirrings and work in with the patterns reflected there. Spring is a time to get moving, to release and relax and to promote growth and change.

There are many simple way to support the body, mind and spirit during this important time of transition. Start to eat lighter foods, go for walks and breathe deeply releasing and embracing the now.

The organs associated with the Wood Element are the Liver and Gall Bladder, the sense organ is the eyes and the body tissue is the ligaments and tendons. The flavour is sour and the colour green.

Adding sour flavors, leafy greens and green apples to your diet will nourish these organs, body tissues and the eyes soothing, refreshing and revitalizing body, mind and spirit.

Gentle stretches will loosen the ligaments and tendons and observing the new green growth of the plants will nourish the eyes. Looking into the distance will enhance both inner and outer vision.

The emotions associated with the Wood Element are anger, irritation and rage. The Virtues are Kindness and Generosity. Anger can be released through movement. Tidy a cupboard, a room or a shed and share, re-use or recycle any contents no longer needed – this is a great Practice to assist in releasing thought and emotional patterns that no longer serve and Transforming them with Kindness and Generosity.

Enjoy  🙂

Wood Element

Organs: Liver and Gall Bladder
Season: Spring
Colour: green
Sense organ: eyes
Body tissue: ligaments and tendons
Emotion: anger
Virtue; Kindness
Taste: sour