A tree lives in Stillness
It is deeply Grounded
It is nurtured by Earth and Sky
It nurtures Earth and Sky
It is deeply Yin, yet gently Yang
– growing and changing with the seasons
Man benefits from the tree in many ways
– and especially through the air he breathes.

When man breathes the body absorbs oxygen and releases carbon dioxide
Trees on the other hand absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
There is no good or bad
– simply an exchange.

Step outside for a moment.
Stand near a tree.
Feel Gratitude for the tree and the Gifts it bestows on you.
Imagine every pore of your skin is an open window.
Inhale – imagining the Energy of the tree flowing into your open windows and into every cell of your body
Exhale – imaging Energy flowing through your body and out your windows to the tree.
Continue for about a minute.

Inhale – Receiving with Gratitude
Exhale – Gifting with Love


Deep Gratitude to all trees – to all plants – and to Kate for the beautiful photo