OpenSky Qigong will ensure that any charges made for Courses, products and services will be such that OpenSky Qigong is readily available to families and individuals on medium to low incomes.


Concessions are available to pensioners, students, seniors, second and subsequent members of any family and anyone who is experiencing loss of income due to ill health, severe or chronic stress etc. Family includes people living together in relationship and immediate family members not living together. By arrangement, payments may be spread equally over the time of each Course to further assist.

At the discretion of the Open Sky Qigong Facilitators, Workshops and/or Classes will be provided at minimal or no cost to selected people who are providing full time voluntary service within the community. This may apply to carers in the home, members within any religious community, workers within charity groups etc. This offer is usually limited to a maximum of 2 people per Workshop.

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The new series of downloadable instructional videos for both Level 1 and Level 2 programs. Check it out!

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