If you are generally in fairly good health and/or are relatively fit, you will feel immediate benefits of increased energy, vitality and well being from the Practice of Qigong.

If, however, you are ill or in pain, your Life Force may not be strong enough to clear the blockages or energy imbalances. Further, if the blockages have existed for many years, there may now be sickness or inflammation in the related organs and channels.

When you do Qigong breathing and exercises, it may take you a long time to gain significant benefits. You may become frustrated and wish to give up. Again, if you are ill and in pain, it may be difficult to relax and meditate or to do the physical exercises effectively.

We suggest that you attend a Medical Qigong Facilitator for treatment by the Therapist’s external Qi or receive Acupuncture to clear blockages and Balance and Harmonise your Meridians.

Shiatsu, Tuina, Reiki, Reflexology or other similar treatments also assist in the elimination of the blockages in the Energy Meridians.

This will expedite the process of mobilizing the inherent healing powers of the body, mind and spirit and prepare you for further Qigong Training.

An Open Sky Qigong Facilitator can also encourage you with breathing, meditation and exercises as appropriate, acting as advisor and teacher, so that you are an active partner in the health care process.

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