The focus in Level 1 is on Personal Healing

During this Level you are introduced to the ancient art of Qigong. You are taught many specific Qigong techniques including Meditation and Movements for nourishing your Core Energy. These techniques will assist you to balance and heal your physical organs, your emotions and also to calm and centre your mind.

You are assisted to listen more attentively to your internal environment and respond to your body’s Energy signals. The Practice of Whole Body Listening and Expression assists you in noticing the effect of mental and emotional influences on your body, mind and spirit. This further empowers you to use your Qigong Practice to consciously balance and clear your internal Energy system.

Level 1 also includes an introduction to basic Traditional Chinese Medicine which forms the basis of the Practices demonstrated. The techniques in Level 1 will clear blockages, build your Qi and strengthen your Meridians, so you will be ready to move into the deeper techniques of Level 2.

The techniques taught in OpenSky Qigong are a unique synergy of Yin (passive, feminine) and Yang (active, masculine) practices enabling you to sink deeply into your state of Being where you access lasting peace and incredibly vibrant Energy.

Qigong styles covered in OpenSky Qigong level 1

Open Heart Qigong

Open Heart Qigong gently yet deeply helps to clear any tension or blocks in the chest, shoulders, arms and upper back balancing circulation and digestive functions and also improving sleep. Releases stored negative emotions and feelings of anxiety or apathy and increases feelings of love, joy and Gratitude.

Calm Heart Qigong

Calm Heart Qigong stimulates Qi flow through the Yin Meridians of the arms soothing and calming painful emotions and a busy mind. This gentle Brushing Practice assists the mind to settle and promotes Stillness, Release and Tranquillity.

Open Liver Qigong

Open Liver Qigong promotes Qi flow through the Liver and Gall Bladder thus releasing toxins, moistening and soothing ligaments and tendons and increasing flexibility and graceful movement. Movement and rotation of the body while standing still assists in the release of stored anger, control issues and rigid belief systems.

Slapping Qigong

Slapping Qigong incorporates gentle Slapping of the body along the meridians in the direction of Qi flow. Slapping Qigong is ideal for increasing vitality, reducing stiffness, stimulating lymph flow, releasing stored emotions, increasing mobility in joints and flexibility in muscles and promoting strong energy and blood flow to all the cells.

OpenSky Dan Tien Form

OpenSky Dan Tien Form draws Qi into the palms and delivers it to each of the 3 main Energy Centres. Energy is then distributed via the Energy Centres to every cell in the body nourishing and balancing all the systems and functions of the body and mind.

Qi Face Wash

Qi Face Wash releases tension in the jaw, cheeks and around the eyes increasing flow of energy and blood to the face, senses and the brain. The Qi and blood replenish the facial skin, soothe and strengthen the eyes and increase Connection of body, mind and spirit.

Sleeping Qigong

Sleeping Qigong is a passive Practice enabling access to the deep Yin Energy of the Earth. A circuit of Qi flow is created simply by being aware of the breath and lying in specific positions.This flow cultivates Yin Qi internally and supports the energy to enter deeply into the body.

Standing Meditation

Standing Meditation works by actively opening the Meridians of the legs and arms which are connected to the Earth and Sun. Standing Meditation works strongly on strengthening the Kidney Energy, the foundation of all of the body’s Energies. Strong Kidney Energy promotes deeper energetic roots into the Earth. We feel grounded and rely less on adrenaline for the daily source of energy.

Walking Qigong

Walking Qigong cultivates Qi from the Earth by creating circular movements with the palms and breathing from the lower abdomen. It is a great Practice for drawing in the Energy in Nature as we walk and enjoy the scenery!

Sitting Qigong

Sitting Qigong We learn to smile internally, releasing tension and accessing Inner Stillness. We also learn how to open, balance and strengthen the lower Energy Centre and circulate Energy to every cell.


  • The Lotus Meditation guides us to open, balance, strengthen and develop our 3 main Energy Centres
  • The Cleansing Meditation guides us to consciously cleanse our Energy bodies including our Aura
  • In the Inner Smile Meditations we learn to Smile internally. Our cells respond, releasing held emotions and filling with vibrant Energy.


Living in Awareness is the comprehensive Level 1 Manual and includes description and photos of all Qigong Practices covered in Level 1 OpenSky Qigong. The book also covers the Level 1 TCM theory and provides the encouragement and inspiration offered in OpenSky Qigong Workshops and Classes. Also available as an e-Manual.

Instruction and Guidance of Qi Face Wash, Slapping Qigong, Open Heart Qigong, Calm Heart Qigong, Open Liver Qigong and OpenSky Dan Tien Form are available on videos and also on the Level 1 DVD.

A series of MP3s is available with the Lotus Meditation, Cleansing Meditation, Inner Smile Meditations, Sleeping Qigong and Walking Qigong. Also available as CDs.

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