The Level 3 OpenSky Qigong Program is a 6 months online course.


Qigong Level 3 Program consists of:

  • Weekly interactive Classes via Zoom
  • Re-attending and Assisting at Level 1 and 2 Classes and/or Workshops to Deepen into Practices
  • Ongoing daily personal Practice
  • Experiential Instruction in energetically supporting individuals, groups and spaces
  • (optional) Attending a one day in person Level 3 Workshop
  • (optional) Attending a 3 day residential Level 3 Retreat

Upon completion of 6 months Level 3 Training and Practice, participants are referred to as OpenSky Qigong Facilitators

During Level 3 we move Deeper into our Qigong Practice

  • Individually
  • As a group
  • Through Practising Techniques we already know and by
  • Learning some new ones 😊👍

These Practices will Assist us to further

  • Consciously clear our Energy bodies and our environment
  • Experience stronger exchange of Qi
  • Refine our Energy (raise our vibration/increase our Qi Flow)
  • Receive the Gifts of Earth and Sky and consciously Share them with other
  • Stay Open and Relaxed as we Consciously Hold Space to allow Energy flow
  • Experience we are all one and
  • Experience that as we Give we Receive and as we Receive we Give 😊

We set the Intention

  • Of Being for the Highest Good of all
  • That people will receive exactly what they are ready for
  • To allow the Energy to Weave the Magique – a Consciousness Greater than our minds
  • To relax and enjoy 😊😊

What’s New?


The new series of downloadable instructional videos for both Level 1 and Level 2 programs. Check it out!

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