In Level 2 the focus is on Healing Relationship

You are encouraged and supported to deepen your Understanding and Practice of Qigong. This provides you with techniques which you can use to consciously release limiting emotional and thought patterns to deeply transform family, friend and work relationships.

You will learn more powerful techniques for drawing in and cultivating Qi to further balance and strengthen your internal environment.

Regular Practice will lead you to become more aware of the flow of Qi in your personal Energy system and how Qi influences and is influenced by thoughts and emotions.

You will learn to trust your body’s Energy signals and will develop an intuitive understanding of the flow of Energy both internally within the body and externally within relationships and the environment.

The Practice of Whole Body Listening and Expression is extended to noticing the effects of the external environment on your individual Energy system. This empowers you to use your Qigong Practice to transform the Energies in your personal relationships and your immediate living and working environment.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Practices at this Level are extended to include the Lungs, Kidneys, Spleen and the Yang organs and Meridians as well as the Microcosmic Orbit, Taiji Pole, Chakras and Aura.

The clearing of relationship issues in Level 2 will enable you to access Clarity and Direction in relation to Life Purpose and prepare you for the expression of this in Level 3.

Qigong styles covered in OpenSky Qigong level 2

Open Lung Qigong

Open Lung Qigong balances and strengthens Qi and blood flow to the Lungs and Large Intestine significantly improving respiration and levels of oxygen in the blood and stimulating release of waste. The functions of the nose, sinuses, voice and throat are strengthened and immunity boosted. Stored grief, guilt, sadness and outdated thought patterns are released promoting protection mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

Open Spleen Qigong

Open Spleen Qigong balances and strengthens energy and blood flow through the Spleen, Stomach and Pancreas regulating metabolism and sugar levels and improving nutrient absorption. This Practice calms the mind, reducing worry, mental strain and over concern thus strengthening focus, empathy and ability to learn. Open Spleen Qigong stimulates lymph increasing removal of toxins and waste and improving immunity and well being.

Open Kidney Qigong

Open Kidney Qigong strengthens Kidney and Bladder function boosting energy levels, improving sexual function, nourishing teeth, bones and hair, regulating body temperature, fluid metabolism and hormone levels and supporting the ears and hearing. Wow! This Practice also releases stored fears, trauma and anxiety supporting the body and mind to function at their best.

Level 2 Slapping Qigong

Level 2 Slapping Qigong frees up the movement of Qi in the Meridians associated with the 3 Energy Centres and improves energy and blood flow through the neck, upper back and sacrum. Stimulation of the Gall Bladder Meridian releases heat from the Liver and also mental and emotional toxins and stress leading to flexibility and grace in movement and in Life.

Sitting Qigong

Sitting Qigong is a Foundation Practice introduced after the Meridians have been cleared of blockages using the Level 1 Practices and Level 2 Slapping Qigong. By crossing the legs the Qi tends to circulate upwards opening and balancing the middle and upper Energy Centres. This deepens focus on inner sight and Connection with the body’s internal Energies. In the Sitting Position the leg Meridians are closed off and so the Energy circulates up the spine more effectively increasing ability to direct Energy into Visualization and Intention.

Lotus Meditation

This Meditation strengthens and balances the Qi in the body and allows any excessive Qi stuck in the head to descend down to nourish the Lower Energy Centre. Additions to this Meditation clear and strengthen the Small Circle Sky (Microcosmic Orbit), balancing and connecting all the Chakras (Energy Centres) and strengthening Connection with the Universe and hence the Natural Cycle of Life.

Sitting Meditation Finishing Sequence

Sitting Meditation Finishing Sequence reopens the Meridians to allow the Qi to circulate after Sitting Qigong.

Standing Qigong

Standing Qigong Standing Meditation works actively with opening the meridians of the legs and arms which are connected to the Earth and Sun.

Pillar of Love and Light Meditation

Pillar of Love and Light Meditation The Taiji Pole is the Central Core of Light which links the Energy Centres and is the Connection between Heaven and Earth. This Standing Meditation powerfully uses this Core of Light to set the Intention for Healing and Transformation of mankind and the Planet.

Sleeping Qigong

Sleeping Qigong A series of new Sleeping Practices is taught for cleansing and nourishing all the organs of the body.

Level 2 Face Wash

Level 2 Face Wash stimulates Qi and blood flow to the face as for Level 1 Face Wash. Conscious Intent is used to further stimulate the Yang Meridians of the face – Large Intestine, Bladder and Stomach – and the Third Eye.


Deepening Connection is the comprehensive Level 2 Manual and includes description and photos of all Qigong Practices covered in Level 2 OpenSky Qigong. The book also covers the Level 2 TCM theory and provides the encouragement and inspiration offered in OpenSky Qigong Workshops and Classes. The Manual is available printed and also as an e-book.

Instruction and Guidance of Level 2 Qi Face Wash, Level 2 Slapping Qigong, Open Lung Qigong, Open Kidney Qigong, Open Spleen Qigong and the Sitting Meditation Finishing Sequence are available as videos and also on the Level 2 DVD.

MP3s are available with the Level 2 Additions to the Lotus Meditation, the Pillar of Love and Light Meditation and the Level 2 Additions to Walking Qigong. These are also available in CD format

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