OpenSky Qigong based in Melbourne, Australia offers weekly interactive Qigong Classes via Zoom.

Classes also available in venues around Melbourne and rural Victoria😊

Please note that most Classes take a break over (Victorian) school holidays.

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  • Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) unless otherwise specified 😊
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Please note that it is highly recommended that you attend at least 2 terms of Level 1 Classes before joining a Level 2 Class.

If you would like to know a little more about the background of a particular Class Facilitator go to – Class Facilitators

To enrol in any Class please contact Facilitators directly via phone or
email 😊

How to book your class

To book your Class, please contact facilitators directly via email link found in listings above. The Class Facilitator will then contact you to confirm your booking and provide you with details. If you wish to call them first, click on their name to display their details and phone number.

For the location address please click on location name to display details.

Class Program

At Open Sky Qigong Classes you are guided through a series of gentle Movements and Meditations to cleanse, nourish and revitalize physically and energetically.

You will be mentored and supported to use these Practices to increase your awareness of Energy flows enabling you to experience wellness, vitality, peace and happiness in everyday life. You will also be encouraged to integrate Practices such as Walking Qigong, Standing Qigong, Sleeping Qigong, Sitting Qigong and Whole Body Listening and Expression into everyday life.

Other Level 1 Practices such as Open Heart, Open Liver, the Level 1 Form, the Lotus and the Inner Smile Meditations need to be Practised regularly.

Ongoing weekly Classes offer the opportunity to Practice in a small group guided by an experienced Qigong Practitioner. Participants are encouraged to Share their Experiences of Qi flow, benefits of or resistances to Practice and ask any questions.

Classes are offered in venues, outdoor settings and also via Zoom.
Costs vary but are around $AU25 or less per Class.
Concession prices are available for most Classes.

What’s New?


The new series of downloadable instructional videos for both Level 1 and Level 2 programs. Check it out!

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