The flow of energy (Qi) in the body follows certain pathways called Meridians along which lie specific points. When Qi flow is impeded or blocked in a Meridian pain and, later, illness may develop. This can be likened to placing a rock in a small creek. The water will flow around (scatter), slow down (weaken) and may finally stagnate (become blocked). The water becomes less clear and will gradually be polluted and unhealthy, even lethal.

Removing the rock or strengthening the water flow so that the rock is washed away will restore the creek to its normal clarity and vitality.
Just as the spring rains freshen, strengthen and revitalize a stream, Practising Qigong regularly, cleanses and strengthens energy and blood flow and thus all the organs and tissues of the body.

Qigong is not an exercise. In fact it is the opposite of the western concept of exercise.
Very little exertion is required to get an optimal result.
The practice of Qigong allows us to become more aware of the internal workings of our bodies.
We become more sensitive to the flow of Energy (Life Force) within our bodies and thus to any imbalances and blockages affecting our Qi.
We learn to follow and move with the Qi instead of forcing ourselves into certain movements and postures.

By focusing on the Lower Dan Tien (the lower Energy Centre in the belly) we are able to detach from mental or emotional issues or external influences and enter a very Still and Sacred Place within our own body. After Practice we feel deeply at ease, calm, joyous and vitally alive.

The minutes spent in Qigong Practice are the most productive minutes of the day.
The mind and body will both function more effectively.
Thoughts, plans and projects crystallize.
The body’s self healing forces take effect and begin to correct strains, imbalances and abnormalities.
All bodily functions, including digestion, blood circulation, blood pressure, heart beat and breathing begin to normalize.
In our daily activities we don’t get so tired.
Our mind is focused.
What makes us fatigued on a normal day is usually not the work itself but the inner strain and confusion caused by constantly taking Awareness away from the Qi within the body.

As we learn to think and act in Qi Awareness, we relax, our body knows exactly what to do and everything falls into place.
Mental, physical and emotional tensions dissolve.
We accomplish more, learn faster and think more clearly.
We also have increased strength and vitality, enjoy speedy recovery from surgery and injury and have increased enjoyment of life.
Old age is just as healthy and fulfilling as other stages of life.

Thank you to Rob for the beautiful photo taken near Daylesford, Victoria