The Level 2 OpenSky Qigong Program consists of a 3 day Workshop with follow up Classes for Mentoring and Support. It is possible to attend Workshops only or Classes only.

Level 2 Workshops

Level 2 commences with a 3 day Workshop in which all the Level 2 OpenSky Qigong Practices are taught.

During Day 1 the focus is on the Lungs (breath), on Day 2 the focus is on the Kidneys (vitality) and on Day 3 the focus is on the Spleen (inner peace)

  • Investment $380 for a 3 day Workshop ($330 concession)
  • Manual: The comprehensive Manual with the Level 2 Theory and Practices is included (no extra charge)
  • Workshop times: 9.30 am – 5.00 pm
  • Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (consecutive) – see Workshops for dates
  • Re-attendance: if
    • you have already attended an OpenSky Qigong Level 2 Workshop or
    • if you have already attended 8 or more Level 2 Classes
    • you may attend any one or more of the Level 2 Workshop days for half price

Half price attendance at a Level 2 Workshop is $75 (or $60 concession) per day

Level 2 Classes

Level 2 Classes are often incorporated into Level 1 Classes.
Check with your Level 1 Class Facilitator for details.

Attendance Requirements

• Attendance at a minimum of 36 hours of Qigong Training is a pre-requisite for Level 3. The hours may be made up of all Workshop attendance, all Class attendance or a combination of both.
• Level 3 flows on from the Level 2 Course.

Participants who have met the attendance requirements may commence a Level 3 Course as soon as one is available or may choose to wait till the commencement of a future course.

Registration and Bookings